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Let’s talk about Nibiru
Diana Skipworth wrote:
I was freaked-out about Nibiru last summer when that comet Elenin passed by Earth. Be careful. Some people spread video supposedly proving something huge was moving behind the comet, even having it’s own ‘mini-solar system’. The video is very impressive! I got water filters, lots of food, etc. Turns out, nothing terrible happened, and Elenin went thru the path of Earth w/hardly a mention.

What? Do you mean we can’t believe everything on Youtube?? My faith is shaken; where shall I turn for knowledge? 
Seriously Diana, I very much appreciate your honesty here, your willingness to expose that you are still learning, and have sometimes jumped to conclusions. Welcome to the club!

Vera Bradova wrote:
Richard, of all the nutty things you have written about, this has got to be the nuttiest. 
I think you are right to look into unlikely corners, but could you be a little more critical in your background research?

If you want pick over the sterile bones of completed research, you can do that at any university. And if you regurgitate the pickings, they’ll even give you something they refer to as ‘credits’. Cyberjournal, on the other hand, is a dynamic hotbed of current research, a collective activity of our diverse and curious community of subscribers. The Nibiru posting has turned out to be a very productive spur to our ongoing investigations, and I’ve been learning much from the responses that have come in. I have time only to share a selection of those here…
Hill Eshbach wrote:
A contribution to the Nibiru discussion:
1. According to Wikipedia (, the Minoan civilization was wiped out approximately 3,600 years ago (i.e., 1,600 B.C.E.), not 2,600 years ago;
2. According to Wikipedia (, the last pole reversal was 780,000 years ago.
3. Therefore, if Nibiru causes pole reversals, it hasn’t been around for a long time.

Thanks Hill, good fact checking!

Stephanie McDowall wrote:
It’s interesting to me that you would mention Nibiru and Zecharia Sitchin. I read most of his books a few years ago. In fact, within the last few days I just watched a U Tube documentary on the cataclysmic event which destroyed the Minoan civilization. Entitled The Lost City of Atlantis, it can be easily found, if you are interested at:
I understand that Nibiru (Planet X) can be easily seen without filters from the southern end of S. America and from the Antarctica. You would be aware that Sitchin aroused the disdain of some scholars who claim his translations of ancient scripts that make reference to Nibiru are inaccurate. Someone like myself will never know not having the knowledge to determine if this is true. This seems to be true of much that I read including the writings of Velikovsky’s & his “World in Collision”. None-the-less I find topics such as these of particular interest and lots of fun to speculate on.

Thanks Steph for the link to the History Channel documentary! I hate that style of TV doc, where they repeat the introduction every five minutes for the benefit of channel hoppers, but if we can hold our nose through that, the content can be very enlightening. And I like your comment about fun. I find exposure to new ideas great fun. If life isn’t fun, what’s the point?
I’ve been fascinated by Knossis ever since I visited there back in ’95. Below is a poster I bought in the gift shop there and which is now on my wall. It’s an artist’s reconstruction of what the palace probably looked like. This matches the computer simulations we see in the doc. 
The HC doc puts a context around the Minoan Civilization, and I really enjoyed watching it. There can be little doubt that this civilization was indeed the Atlantis that Plato wrote about. The doc even shows the very Egyptian wall carvings that were probably shown to Solon, and whose reports Plato based his own writings on. 
Read on, where we will talk more about Velikovsky and Sitchin…

Rose wrote:
For an alternative view of the Zecharia interpretation of the Sumerian tablets and the Nibiru/Annunaki returning, listen to both hours of this interview with John Lash’s interpretation of what the Gnostics said about this on Red Ice Radio. He’s not denying Sitchin, but saying that there are more things at play. Quite interesting.
You have to sign up for hour 2, but it’s free. His website is
He wrote a book called “Not In His Image – Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and The Future Of Belief”

Interesting articles…

Thanks Rose – very, very interesting material. So far I’ve only had time to listen to that first Hour 1, but I’ll try to get back for more. I didn’t realize the Gnostics went back to 4,000 BC and weren’t based in the Middle East, as one might infer from Elaine Pagel’s Gnostic Gospels. But then ‘gnostic’ is a generic term, and could be applied to more than one group / society in history. I plan on ordering Not In His Image.
Of course I’m not taking as gospel everything John Lash says about the ‘Archons’, not after listening to a single show on the net. ‘Non-organic beings’ is a bit much. Nonetheless, the hour is chock full of fascinating ideas and psychological truths. I particularly liked: “If you don’t use your imagination correctly, someone else will use it against you”. Reminds me of a bit of wisdom a friend came up with back in the ’60s: “Religion is a disease of the belief structure.” So true!
Lash talks about the Gnostics observing the rise of the new Yahweh cult in the Middle East, and their warnings of its dangers to humanity – what Quinn calls the beginning of the ‘takers’, and Eisler refers to as the ‘dominator’ culture. If ever there was a Satan, surely it was the vengeful, murderous, aggrandizing Yahweh! 
According to Lash, the Archons are jealous of humans. As reported by Sitchin, Lash says, they did try to interfere with our gene pool. But contrary to Sitchin, Lash says they failed: the being Sophia, who created our genetic structure, and who was well aware of the Archons, built in too many defenses. All of this, Lash says, is explained in great detail in the Gnostic texts discovered c. 1945. 
Having failed with their attempt at genetic interference, they chose religion as another line of attack, one which has unfortunately been highly successful. Lash says they’re trying ‘to make us like them’, ie the Archons want to draw us away from our true human nature. The Gnostic’s characterization of human nature is quite inspiring. Listen to the show and find out for yourself.
Revin Floyd wrote:
Are you familiar with the work of Immanuel Velikovsky? Very interesting indeed.
Worlds in Collision: Immanuel Velikovsky

I’m very familiar with Velikovsky. I’ve read several of his books, and I saw him in person at Flint Center in Cupertino shortly before he died. One of the most brilliant minds of the 20th Century. Worlds in Collision, his first best-seller, presented the thesis that the Earth has been visited by world-changing catastrophes. As a result he has been ignored by the scientific community ever since, partly because that thesis wasn’t in vogue at the time, and partly because Worlds in Collision was poorly written, I imagine because Velikovsky was on fire with those new ideas.
Even to this day, when repeated catastrophes are fully accepted by scientists, no one ever cites Velikovsky as a source. Not even after he published Ages in Chaos, a very well researched treatise on catastrophes, which he wrote in response to the critiques of Worlds in Collision. The Velikovsky story stands as a canonical indictment of the so-called ‘scientific’ community.
You still have time to send in responses, or to amend your responses, to the Assange posting. We’ll be talking about that next week:
Assange: an elite psy-op

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