rkm decides to exploit system


Richard Moore

people keep sending me dire warnings of y2k catastrophe, and some even
believe, especially those who see it as most dire, that it will be a good
thing.  they seem to think that in total chaos their own private schemes
for societal regeneration will magically arise as a tribal consensus.  but
humorous aside aside, the serious point is that i'd like to cash in on this
mass hysteria, as a way of funding ongoing trouble making.

i've got decades of experience in software, and some of it even doing Cobol
programming.  mostly i've done architecture research but i love the
relaxation of rote programming.  referrals to desperate companies willing
to pay exorbitant rates for routine but reliable performance are hereby
invited, location immaterial.  remote access preferred, with occasional
paid site visits, but temporary relocation not out of question.  no more
than three months commitment at a time, please, but renewals graciously
considered, and all currencies valued.

usual finders fees apply of course, in local coin.

if you think the above is off topic, please do not read.