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Richard Moore

         You ask why I don't live here,
         Honey, I ask...why don't you leave?
         - Bob Dylan, Maggie's Farm


What a strange & frightening place is the USA. LA freeways,
TV designed for babies, cookie-cutter suburbia infinitum...I
soon remembered what drove me away. But there's lots of good
people there, and I visited as many as I could. Ditto scenic
adventures, and opportunities to play music.

I was struck by the pervasiveness of factionalism. I spent
some time with Christian conservatives, and with California
liberals. Neither side had any notion of the possibility or
usefulness of dialog with the other. Each had caricature
images of what 'the other' is about, and thinks in terms of
'winning'. I said this stuff in my book, but in person it
seemed so stark, and such a contrast to Ireland. Among
liberals, the only priority is "getting rid of Bush", which
illustrates why he was such a good elite choice for
President. He's the perfect lightening rod for blame and
activism. He serves as a 'reason' for all wrongs. No need to
look at the system.

Thanks to all of you who sent condolences regarding my
father. We were all with him at the end, and we did him
proud at the service. The guy had 20 years of retirement in
Hawaii, playing golf nearly every day, with his
grandchildren nearby - we miss him dearly but we  must
acknowledge that he had a damn good life. May he rest in

While in California, I was reading the San Francisco
Chronicle most days. I remember it as being a 'real
newspaper', albeit mainstream. Not any more. It's become a
small-town paper. I heard tell this is a trend, reflecting
declining readership of papers generally. If you take those
who think the TV gives them news, and those who realize they
must go to the Internet for any real news, I suppose there
aren't enough left in the middle who want to buy good
newspapers. Everywhere the spiral downwards.

In any case, from reading the minuscule Chronicle coverage,
I became more convinced than ever that an attack on Iran is
soon on the agenda. The Chronicle serves as a portal to
Matrix reality. It doesn't have room for any breadth, so you
get the straight Matrix line. So what do you read about
Iran? ... a gradual but persistent demonization program. Day
after day we see the 'international community' losing
patience with Iran's stubbornness regarding it's 'nuclear
program'. After a while, you can't help but think, "Why
don't they do something about it?" Thus are the American
people, and the rest of us as well, led to accept what
elites have been long planning for their own purposes.

Their purposes, following a long tradition, are to maintain
their control over global finance, by means of dominating
oil sources and controlling the currency in which oil is
traded. Their current urgency arises from the fact that Iran
is about to launch a Euro marketplace (bourse) for global
oil sales. That would start a run on the dollar like you've
never seen. "It's not nice to threaten Mighty Dollar...bad
boy, Uncle Sam get mad, cut off head, you learn lesson."

Just as Bush serves as a lightening rod for US policy
generally, so Israel serves as a lightening rod for US
policy in the Mideast. You've seen the reports: "Israel
cannot tolerate a nuclear Iran; We will take steps to
protect ourselves."   So go the barkings of the attack dog,
armed and fed by Uncle Sam.

There are other scenarios, but they seem to be broadcasting
this one rather clearly: Israel launches attack. US happens
to have fleet nearby "on exercises" and intervenes to
prevent "excessive Iranian response" to "understandable if
regrettable" Israeli action of "self defense". Thus
standeth The Dollar.


Carol Brouillet wrote a terrific review of ETM (Escaping the
Matrix...) and posted it to Amazon:

I believe this URL serves now as a good "calling card" for
the book. My next project will be to contact potential
reviewers, people with popular websites or mailing lists, or
people who do interviews on radio stations, or who write
reviews for newspapers or magazines. I can refer them first
to this URL, and then if they're interested I can send them
a copy of the book.

If anyone has suggestions - or better contacts - regarding
potential reviewers, please let me know.

bye for now,


"Escaping the Matrix : How We the People can change the world":

"Apocalypse Now and the Brave New World"

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