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Richard Moore

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Subject: YOU ASK...

are they hanging flags in USA? I'm in LA. Wall to wall. on houses, cars,
SUVS most conspicuously. the yuppies. No liberals left I guess.

Onslaught of non thinkers. YET, get this, Michael Moore's book, STUPID
WHITE MEN is #1 at the box office. Who bought it?

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Subject: Re: rkm ruminations...

Hi there everyone...I've been reading the posts and they're

I wonder if, at last, I have a place to voice something
that's been bothering me for several months, where people
might identify with my feelings:

Shortly after the US invaded Afghanistan I saw a picture:  A
US soldier dressed and armed in mega high tech, like
something out of Star Wars...surrounded by Afghans in their
rags and bare feet, staring at him.  I was so embarrassed
for our country, I felt shame.

Did anyone else see that?

Starr B.


    "Naturally, the common people don't want war: Neither in
    Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter, in Germany.
    That is understood, but after all, it is the leaders of the
    country who determine policy and it is always a simple
    matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy
    or a fascist dictatorship or a parliament or a communist
    dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be
    brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you
    have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce
    the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the
    country to danger. It works the same in any country."
    - Hermann Goering. at the Nurenberg Trials

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Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 00:54:55 -0500
From: Jeff Moebus <•••@••.•••>
         Confronting the Draft Dodgers on Team Bush (pb1)

Why do we allow draft dodgers
like Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft
to define what it means
to be a patriot?

Why do we allow these
self-proclaimed super-patriots
to wrap themselves in the flag,
and perpetrate the abominations
of these past eight months?

All to the purported
honor and glory
of that flag,
and all in our names?

I vomit ---
God vomits ---
to see American flags
festooning everything
in mindless, meaningless displays
of "loyalty, unity, and support" (sic)
for whatever action is undertaken
by this government.

"Put up and left up and out --
in the rain, in the dark,
on car antennae
and out windows
and on roofs --
they have become
frazzled and faded,
and ragged and tattered,
and shredded, unraveled,
and tired."

What can
patriotic and concerned
citizens of conscience do
to take back our flag?

How can we use it
to express our rage
and intent to revoke
this government's response
to the Event of September 11?

What can we do
WITHOUT defacing
or defiling
or denouncing
or diminishing
that flag?

(Does anyone honestly think
that spitting or shitting
on the flag
does anything
to stop
this so-called War
Against so-called Terrorism?)

What can we do?  What must we do?

We can show our flag
upside down.

A signal of imminent catastrophe,
and an internationally recognized call
for immediate and urgent help,
the upside down American flag
is "a signal of dire distress
in instances of extreme danger
to life or property."  ***

Mister Cheney
has declared that,
"without a doubt,"
there WILL be another
major terrorist attack
against the United States.

He should know.

Stand with Berry's Mad Farmer,
who, in his Liberation Front Manifesto,

"Denounce the government and embrace
the flag.  Hope to live in that free
republic for which it stands."

***  Paragraph 176(a), Chapter 10, Title 36, United States Code

-  J Moebus

Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 19:56:28 -0700
From: Tom Warner <•••@••.•••>
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Subject: Fidel Castro Speaks About Biological 
         Warfare and U.S. Charges

PROVINCE. MAY 25, 2002

Dear compatriots:

I will use just a few minutes to greet you and to say a few
words, this time basically addressed to the American people.

Our struggle is not, and will never be, aimed against the
American people. Perhaps, no other country receives
Americans with the respect and hospitality displayed by

We are men and women of ideas and not a community of bigots.
In Cuba we have never cultivated hatred against the American
people or blamed them for the aggressions perpetrated by the
governments of that country. That would have run contrary to
our political doctrines and our internationalist conscience,
both well-proven throughout many years, and increasingly
rooted in our ideas.

If Humanity is Homeland, as Marti said, we are citizens of
the world and brothers and sisters of all peoples on Earth;
their children, their youth, their elders, their men and
women are also ours, regardless of everyones economic,
political, religious and cultural beliefs.

Relations between the Cuban people and the American people,
although very much influenced for decades by a barrage of
distorted and manipulated propaganda, have been improving
every day, particularly after 80% of Americans supported the
return of the kidnapped child to his family and homeland.

I have always felt, based on my reflection on the most
recent history of that country, that the American people can
support a bad cause --as it has done on not few occasions-- 
but only when it has been misled. Albeit in the case of the
Vietnam war, the painful daily images of the dead American
youths that were brought home highly contributed to build an
awareness about how useless, unfair and absurd that war was,
the situation with the child was different. However, when
the American people learned, through its own media, of the
cruel injustice being committed against that little child,
it did not hesitate and took sides with justice. That, Cuba
will never forget!

It hurts deeply to see the efforts made to mislead that
essentially noble people with the diabolical fabrication
that the laboratories where our dedicated scientists create,
develop and produce new medicines and therapy treatments,
that prevent or cure diseases, spare suffering and save
countless lives, are developing bio-weapons research and
production programs. At times, there is also talk about
Cuba's capacity to produce them.

All throughout history, any scientific or technical
development has served for good or evil. In our country,
however, no one has ever thought of producing such weapons.
Our scientists have been educated for the sacred mission of
protecting life and not for destroying it.

Cuba has twice as many doctors per capita as all of the
highest developed nations. No country has given, or is
giving, more support to other peoples health care services,
free of charge, than Cuba and no other has saved more lives.
Thus, our people do not have, nor could it have, any
inclination to become a bio-weapons producer.

Sentiments are more important than knowledge, and above all,
truth should be sacred.

Two weeks after the infamous slander, Cuba was arbitrarily
included in a list of states sponsors of terrorism. Rather
than concerned over the moral or political damage that could
derive from such an evil accusation, we are hurt to think
that any American could be misled into believing that any
damage to himself, his family or his people could come from

Neither a single drop of blood has been shed in the United
States, nor has an atom of wealth been lost there in the 43
years of the Cuban Revolution, due to a terrorist action
originated in Cuba. The opposite is true, since thousands of
lives have been lost as well as huge amounts of money due to
material damages caused by actions against our homeland
originated in the U.S. territory. The American people
deserves to be informed about this, instead of being
saturated with lies and slanders.

The only truth is that the American people could receive
from Cuba vaccines, medications and medical procedures that
could surely save numerous lives, or help them recover their
well-being and health, once the absurd ban on trade is
lifted. If this modest cooperation is possible, it is due to
the fact that Cuba got rid of illiteracy a long time ago and
it has attained a high educational level.

Cuba is increasingly becoming a country with not only great
intellectual and artistic talents but also with many
educators, scientists and hundreds of thousands of people
capable of producing wealth with their learned minds. This
is but a proof of what can be done despite the inherited
underdevelopment and the longest economic and financial
blockade that any people has ever endured!

We also hurt to see the American people suffering in a
climate of terror that disrupts its life, limits its
creative capacity, interferes with its normal life and
impinges on its economy.

I do not wish to use this moment to make any criticism on
what could have been done, but was not, to prevent the
horrendous crime of September 11; I do not know the facts
well enough.

Still, as a leader in a country that has had to defend
itself, for more than four decades, from thousands of
terrorist actions I can assure you that the constant
stirring up of panic is not the right way to proceed since
it can psychologically affect the people and turn life in
that immense country into an unbearable nightmare.

The risks of grave terrorist actions have existed and still
exist in the United States as they do anywhere in the world,
before or after September 11. Alienated persons overexcited
by the prevailing climate of tension could even realize
them. The leaders of nations should no be dragged into
making mistakes for fear of facing reality. At the present
time, many and very diverse realities threaten the human

Of all the preventive measures that can be adopted against
terrorism, some are basic such as: educating the people by
keeping them informed of such realities and the dangers they
bring; carrying to them a message of serenity and
confidence; and, providing them with the necessary knowledge
to obtain their maximum and most effective cooperation in
this struggle.

The Cubans, who are used to wage battles together as a
people, do not conceive of any victory without the peoples
participation and support.

It is the primary duty of the overburdened leaders of our
complex world --among many other obligations and without
forgetting hunger, poverty, underdevelopment, the diseases
that decimate entire regions, the climate changes and other
calamities--  to meditate and reflect on the causes and the
sources of the dangerous pandemic of terrorism and to apply
really effective methods to fight it.

Under the present difficulties and in the struggle against
the scourge of terrorism, the American people can count on
this friendly, fraternal and generous people.

Long live the political and economic system that has turned
Cuba into an example of justice, full sovereignty, true
freedom, dignity and heroism!

Long live the patriotic, united and learned people that no
power on Earth will ever break!

We shall overcome!                   

Information Office
Cuban Interests Section