Sunday Herald: Coalition forces imprison Iraqi children


Richard Moore

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Sunday Herald
Revealed: coalition forces imprison Iraqi children 
By Neil Mackay

BRITISH forces are arresting children in Iraq and handing them
to US forces who interrogate and detain them indefinitely in
prisons including the notorious Abu Ghraib.

A Sunday Herald investigation has uncovered an internal Unicef
report written in June that reveals that children in Basra,
which is controlled by UK forces, are being "arrested for
alleged activities targeting the occupying forces".

The investigation has also established that at least 100
children, some as young as 10, are being detained.

Iraqi TV reporter Suhaib Badr-Addin Al-Baz says he saw the
children’s wing in Abu Ghraib when he was arbitrarily arrested
by US soldiers while making a documentary.

He said there were boys under the age of puberty in the jail
and "certainly hundreds of children".

He said he heard the cries of a 12-year-old girl who had been
beaten. She was calling out: "They have undressed me."

He also told of a 15-year-old boy being soaked repeatedly with
hoses and then being taken to look at his father, who was also
in jail and had been hooded.

A US soldier, Sergeant Samuel Provance, who served at Abu
Ghraib, has also blown the whistle on child prisoners being
abused. He told how interrogators soaked a 16-year-old
prisoner, covered him in mud and then used his suffering to
break his father, who was also a prisoner, during

Unicef has been denied access to jails holding children with
the coalition powers citing "poor security" as the reason.

Between January and May this year the International Committee
for the Red Cross registered 107 juveniles being held in six
different coalition jails.

news in focus: Iraq's Child Prisoners ... witnesses claim that
the detainees – some as young as 10 – are also being subjected
to rape and torture

01 August 2004
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