The Four Horsemen of the Manufactured Apocalypse


Richard Moore

These are the End Times of legend and lore,
when horses of apocalypse strut to the fore.
Each stomp shakes the Earth with a tremble of dread,
as civilization crumbles around all our heads.

Horse 1 downed the Towers, so tall and so strong,
and with them all law, and freedom’s sweet song.
Horse 2 downed all finance at free falling speed,
by wired demolition of derivative breed.

Horse 3 bailed the banks out, the robbers go free,
leaving nations as debt slaves for eternity.
Horse 4 comes by needle, backed up by the sword,
the Black Death rekindled, to cull down the horde.

These are the news events of the day,
unfolding in such a striking way.
The progress of centuries being undone,
at a pace that should only leave us stunned.

But few even see what’s in front of their face,
they get their perceptions from some other place.
They don’t look around them, they don’t trust their senses,
they hear what the box says and see through its lenses.



Background material:

Rockefeller trust behind pandemic:

WHO perfects vaccines as weapons:

Whistleblower predicts bio-weapon in Ukraine:

Ukraine hit by Pneumonic Plague, martial law declared:

WHO pretends Pneumonic plague a mutation of Swine Flu:

Obama declares national emergency:

Pneumonic Plague Now in China:

Prognosis and treatment
Pneumonic plague is a very aggressive infection requiring early treatment. To reduce the risk of death, antibiotics must be given within 24 hours of first symptoms. Streptomycin, gentamicin, tetracyclines, and chloramphenicol are all effective against pneumonic plague.
Antibiotic treatment for seven days will protect people who have had direct, close contact with infected patients. Wearing a close-fitting surgical mask also protects against infection.
Without treatment, the mortality rate from pneumonic plague approaches 100%.
Note: antibiotics are for bacteria; Swine Flu is a virus. Viruses do not mutate into bacteria. Swine flu was a decoy; the real pandemic has only now been released.