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Richard Moore

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996
Sender: •••@••.••• (Audrie Krause)
Subject: CPSR's Web Pages Need You!

Hello -

CPSR's web pages are growing because of the excellent work
of our dedicated volunteers.  We need more of you to help
us with some ambitious projects.  Please let us know
if you are willing to take responsibility for pages
covering the following topics.  We will give you guidelines
for creating the pages, and you will have your own
password to load your pages onto the CPSR server.

1.   "CPSR Watch on States and Regions of the USA"

We  need volunteers to be in charge of pages fo each State or Region
in the USA and it's territories.  The idea is not
to discontinue the links that we already have on our pages, but
to let people catch up on and monitor
what is going on in their States and others.  This plan seems
particularly appropriate in our current anti-federal
political climate.  Information and links would relate to
CPSR areas of concern (in other words, not news of
new rides added to Disney World (-:  )

State pages will have links to the chapters
in that State, too, and to the appropriate representative
on the CPSR Board.

2.  Emerging issues.  Perhaps you know these areas
better than we do!  "Smart Highways" and the "Airport/Aviation Control
Computers" are just two major concerns that need to be
addressed or linked.  Does anyone want to step forward to
handle a "new" topic for the CPSR pages?

3.  Traditional Issues.  Right now we need someone to
manage our Gender Issues pages as well as many others.
Please review the pages and let us know if a topic fits
your interest.  We appreciate your involvement!  We need you!

Our pages are at http://www.cpsr.org/lib/htdocs/home.html

4.  Global Issues.  We would appreciate help with the cpsr-global
pages.  We would like to link to every country or region in
the world, and we need someone to be responsible for
coordinating emerging international issues.

Please write me and let me know if you can contribute some
of your time to helping with this effort!
(Send mail to me at: •••@••.•••)

Your name will appear at the bottom of all pages that
you create, and you will be making important
information available to many, many people.



Marsha Woodbury, Ph.D.            Associate Director of Education,
Sloan Center for Asynchronous Learning Environments (SCALE)
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign     •••@••.•••
Director at Large, CPSR          http://w3.scale.uiuc.edu/marsha/

Audrie Krause          CPSR Executive Director
PO Box 717   *   Palo Alto, CA     *     94302
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