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                      Community Space and Cyberspace

                         What's the Connection?

             Exploring the Directions and Implications of
               Computer Networking Technology on Society

       Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing (DIAC-97)

                         *** A Conference ****

   Sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)

                       Seattle, Washington, USA
                            March 1-2, 1997

Visionaries, hucksters, social critics, politicians, and cyber-pundits of all
stripes -- both amateur and professional -- have been more than
generous with their theories and prognostications on what
computer-mediated communication will mean for children, families,
neighborhoods, civic life, and society.

     What's the reality?     What's the hype?

          What do we hope for?      What do we dread?

               What is the potential?     What are the pitfalls?

         And what -- if anything -- can we do about it?

Will new forms of cyberspace media usher in a new egalitarian age or
will the distance between economic haves and have-nots grow ever
larger? Perhaps -- and this may be the likeliest -- cyberspace will
just carry on business as usual and nothing much will actually change
shape as a result.

The Community Space and Cyberspace conference will be an exciting mix
of informative and provocative presentations.  Howard Rheingold, author
of the best-selling book on how people commune in cyberspace, "The
Virtual Community:  Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier", will give
the keynote address on how "virtual" and geographical communities are
related to one another.  Also on the first day, numerous activists,
practitioners, and thinkers will discuss the significance of the new
communication technology on children, education, the economy and jobs,
social action, civic and cultural values, and many other topics

What will computer networking do *for* us and what will it do *to* us??

                        Help us answer this question!

                   Please join the discussion in Seattle!

DIAC-97 needs co-sponsors and supporters.  If your organization
endorses DIAC-97 (no charge!) your members can attend at the CPSR
rate.  We only ask that you help promote attendance at the conference.
We are also looking for financial support for the conference and for
our fundraiser the evening of March 2 at the fabulous Speakeasy
Internet Cafe in Seattle.  Please help us make this conference as
successful as possible with your personal or company donation.  If you
or the organization or company you represent would like to be listed or
linked as a co-sponsor or supporter, please contact Doug Schuler via
e-mail (•••@••.•••) or by telephone (206-634-0752).  Thanks for
your support!

On Sunday, March 2, participants will be able to attend many of the 20
- 40 workshops that we are planning.  If you have skills, research, or
ideas to share PLEASE consider proposing a workshop.  The workshops in
previous DIAC conferences have been outstanding thanks to the
innovation, enthusiasm, and experience of the convenors.

Workshops will feature work being done in the Puget Sound region as
well as that from around the country, and possibly the world.  If you
are interested in convening a workshop, please fill out the workshop
proposal form at our web site.  Although any relevent workshop proposal
is welcome we especially encourage those around the following themes.

   * Computer Basics and Cyberspace Survival Skills
   * Changing Lives: Community Projects and Programs
   * Organizing With and Around Technology
   * Critical Issues: Public Policy at Local, Regional, National and
        Global Levels

We hope to collect relevant papers and workshop proposals into a
proceedings that will be available to attendees and other interested

                     Confernce Registration Form

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COUNTRY: ________________________ E-mail:________________________

                       Registration Fees (Check one)

CPSR member $50            __
Co-sponsoring org $50      __    Which Organization?  _________________
Regular $75                __
Student/Low Income $25     __

Please print and complete this form and send it with your check to:

CPSR/Seattle - Conference Registration
P.O. Box 85481
Seattle, WA  98145-1481