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        On the day of the TWA explosion, there were reports of a helicopter
pilot seeing a missle hit the plane.  That was never dealt with adequately
in the media, but was dropped and forgotten.  Official pronouncements
regarding the TWA incident were very unusual -- expressing a "don't jump to
conclusions" attitude.  In other such incidents, we are always presented,
very soon after the incident, with a clear description of what happened,
who did it, and why -- even though such stories are often deceitful (as in
Oklahoma, World Trade Center, Waco, Pan Am crash, KAL 007, etc.).  For
these reasons, I found myself suspicious from the beginning that U.S.
military or covert operations were involved, and that the incident was (and
this IS unusual) unplanned.

        Below, Pierre Salinger, perhaps having waited until after the
election, seems to be setting the record straight.  The article below that
one, from the American Reporter, is interesting from a propaganda

        It quotes from a report of the "Emergency Response & Research
Institute", which goes on at length trying to shift the focus of attention
to one Parveez Syad, who happens to be a frequent contributor of
cyberjournal material.  Most of what he sends in looks like responsible
journalism to me, although I only repost it infrequently.

        The AR piece certainly doesn't refute the piece on Salinger.
Indeed, in the last paragraph, it includes alleged testimony which supports
the "friendly-fire" case.


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Somehow the network news services missed this one...

           "Flight 800 Shot by U.S. Missile, Salinger Says"

NICE,  France (Reuter) - Former White House  adviser  Pierre  Salinger
said Thursday that a U.S.  Navy missile accidentally shot down the TWA
airliner  which  crashed  off  New York in July killing all 230 people

Salinger told airline officials an agent of the  U.S.  Secret  Service
gave  him a document in Paris showing the airliner had entered an area
where the U.S. Navy was carrying out missile tests.

"The airliner was not the target of an attack...It was shot down by  a
missile fired from a U.S. Navy vessel," he said.

He  said  the airliner had taken off late from New York and was flying
lower than its scheduled altitude of 20,000 feet  to  steer  clear  of
another aircraft.

The  airport control tower,  in "a tragic error," failed to inform the
Navy, Salinger said.

"The truth must come out," he said.

U.S.  officials repeatedly have denied rumors that TWA Flight 800  was
accidentally  brought  down  by  a  missile fired by American military
forces and speculation that the Clinton Administration was covering it

James Kallstrom, the FBI official heading the investigation, denounced
the so-called  "friendly  fire"  theory  last  month,  calling  it  an
"outrageous accusation."

Salinger,  71,  was  press  spokesman  for  the late president John F.
Kennedy and later Paris bureau for the U.S. television network ABC.

He made his comments to some 100 airline officials from  20  countries
attending a meeting in the French Mediterranean resort of Cannes.

He  said  he  had  passed  on  his  information to an unspecified U.S.
television network which did not broadcast it.  He  accused  the  U.S.
government of clamping a news blackout on the crash.

Investigators  are  still  dredging  the  seabed  off  Long Island for
evidence to explain the crash.  They have established that a fuel tank
exploded but not what set off the blast and there has been no official
verdict on the disaster.

A missile, a bomb and a mechanical fault have all been suggested.

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Clark Staten
American Reporter Correspondent
Chicago, Ill.
                        AN AMERICAN REPORTER EXCLUSIVE

                                by Clark Staten
                        American Reporter Correspondent

        CHICAGO (ENN) -- An internal literature review on the TWA Flight
800 disaster by the Emergency Response & Research Institute show that the
charge that the U.S. Navy downed the Boeing 757 began on the Internet when
an Iranian propagandist started charging a cover-up by U.S. officials jsut
48 hours after the plane exploided in mid-air.
        The Institute's internal probe included stored e-mail, newsgroup
postings, press reports, and consultations with experts that were received
from numerous sources.
        Our analysis revealed that the original allegations of a U.S.
Naval "friendly fire incident" came from an alleged Iranian extremist and
propagandist named Parveez Syad, who is also known as Parveez Hussein,
operating at the time from a base in Birmingham, England.  Interestingly,
Syad distributed these allegations widely on the Internet within 48 hours
of the incident and made what appeared to be premature accusations that
the United States was already engaged in a "cover-up."
        Syad's current whereabouts are unknown, and it is believed that he
may have been the subject of a government investigation in England.
Concerns were raised at the time by ERRI analysts that the Iranian
propagandist may have been engaged in an "disinformation" campaign in an
effort to deflect attention from possible Moslem extremist involvement in
the bombing of Flight 800.
        Subsequent inquiries and examinations by ERRI strongly suggest
that there was a concerted "foreign" effort to obscure and confuse a
number of issues involved in the Flight 800 investigation.
        Speculation is rife about the authenticity of the alleged U.S.
government documents that are reportedly in the possession of Salinger.
Without examining these documents, ERRI analysts say that further
confirmation of Salinger's statement is difficult at best. One consultant
who asked not to be identified told ENN that it is even possible that
Salinger and French intelligence agents may have been "duped" by a
"foreign effort."
        Meanwhile, wire service reports today say that Salinger's document
has been widely available on the Internet for more than two months.
        U.S. Navy and FBI officials categorically deny any cover up of a
"friendly fire" incident on the part of the U.S. government.
        Meanwhile, FBI spokesman James Kallstrom announced today that he
would welcome any additional information or evidence that Salinger or
others might have in regard to the Flight 800 tragedy.
        Also, a popular KABC talk show hosted by Larry Elder got a call
from a woman who identified herself as Donna and said she was a TWA
employee who had personally known the crew of the plane, and that she had
spoken with another TWA employee who says he witnessed the alleged missile
strike from his vantage point on another TWA jet. She said the man had
"not been brought forward" by authorities. She said the Salinger allegation
was "absolutely true."


        (Clark Staten heads the Chicago=based Emergency Response Research
Insttitute. He is a former Deputy Chief of the Chicago Fire Dept.)

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