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Richard Moore

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From: “William Engdahl”
Date: March 13, 2009 11:01:57 PM GMT
To: “‘Richard Moore'” <•••@••.•••>
Subject: AW: Now online: The Obama Deception

  I don’t believe it is correct that Tarpley was in MI5 or even 6. He is an american.

Hi William,
Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the correction, and sorry for the confusion on my part. For our readers’ information, here is the Wikipedia page for Tarpley:



From: Torstein Viddal
Date: March 13, 2009 10:41:33 PM GMT
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Now online: The Obama Deception


first of all, Tarpley was NOT in MI5. You must be comfusing him with David Shayler.
More comments after I’ve seen the whole thing.

PS: Two other ways of viewing:
BT and Google Video.

Hi Torstein,

Thanks for the correction and the URLs … looking forward to your comments.



From: X
Date: March 14, 2009 3:12:21 AM GMT
Subject: Re: Now online: The Obama Deception

It was heartening to see and hear the brave protesters.  I felt proud of them.  Horrifying that Obabma and Hilary Clinton were there, in secret.  That means they are liars and hypocrites of the worst kind, betraying the hopes and faith and prayers of millions of innocent people. 

Exactly right. In Bush’s case, we could easily recognize that he was a liar and a hypocrite. What we need to remember is that the same folks who put Bush in power, also put Obama in power. The same elite-owned media that was respectful of Bush is now respectful of Obama. The same pundits who told us there were WMDs in Iraq now tell us that Obama is making the right decisions. 
Obama represents an historic challenge for humanity, a final confrontation between a small ruling elite and the people of the world. They’ve pulled out all the stops, bringing down the economy, bankrupting treasuries, launching an austerity program, preparing for martial law, and moving rapidly toward global governance. If we can see that Obama is a sham, a deceiver, then we have some hope of responding effectively. We can finally give up our futile hopes that the system will somehow fix itself. 
From: Ray Songtree 
Date: March 14, 2009 7:30:55 AM GMT
Subject: Fw: worth seeing….: The Obama Deception

I just watched it, the 187th person to get to end of it.
I don’t agree with his take on global warming. Almost the entire world scientific community says there is relation between co2, warming…does Jones deny ocean acidification???
All his research on the bills and laws obama has actually signed, the people he has put in place, is very very damning.   There were discrepancies of opinion.  Not everyone he lists in government offices that he claims are bilderburg group, are what the other commentator said had to be billionaires.  
I have to weigh it all in. It wasn’t known who would win between Obama and Clinton…..
Giving congress one hour before voting on stimulus package, that is same trick they did with patriot act. Insane. 
In general, Jones seems to be spot on  but but.  Collapse had to come because of peak oil.  The powers that be want to be on top of the mountain when it sinks.  Because Jones doesn’t understand PO, and doesn’t think there is an environment, he is off.   But Obama’s track record as he itemizes it, is damning. 
touch the Earth

Hi Ray,
Alex had no business bringing in skepticism about global warming without developing that theme in some useful way. That clearly detracts from his credibility for most audiences. So, as with all sources, we’ve got to pick and choose what’s useful, as you did. 
There are Bilderbergers, and there are Bilderbergers. There are the top ring leaders, like David Rockefeller, and you don’t get into that circle without being a billionaire, you just wouldn’t fit in. It’s a cultural thing more than a matter of revealing your account balance. And then there are the technocrats, like Kissinger, and the politicians and media people who get invited. They are there to help sell the agendas, or be sold; they don’t need to be billionaires.
The value in the film lies in its analysis of power, who wields it, and the control mechanisms they use. That part is timeless, and independent of issues like Peak Oil or climate change. When it comes to the question of understanding the current elite agendas, what their current objectives are, Alex does not present a complete perspective. As you say, he’s not dealing with the ecological and resource issues, or with the crisis of capitalism itself.
From: Y
Date: March 13, 2009 11:09:54 PM GMT
Subject: Re: Now online: The Obama Deception

rkm- fascinating but couldn’t this be disinformation masquerading as progressive/radical unmasking? you know how the right wants to sink obama…

The claims made in the film can all be checked by looking at other sources, and with the help of Google that’s not hard to do. For the past several months I’ve been publishing news items, and my own analysis; that’s all been pretty much in agreement with the main points made in the film, and it’s all in our archives:
Ultimately, you’ve got to use your own judgement by comparing different sources of information. I’m glad you ask my opinion, and that you evidently have some respect for my views, but it’s not a good learning strategy to depend always on the opinions of ‘trusted sources’. If you really care about the issues raised, stop and take some time to make up your own mind about them. If there are particular points you question, check into them, or bring them up and we can discuss them. 
The question isn’t whether to swallow the film whole or to reject it altogether, but rather to learn what can be learned from it, and from the questions it raises that you can follow up on. It’s a learning opportunity.
My view is that there is no disinformation in the film; it gives a rather accurate overview of how power and manipulation are at work in the world today. I don’t agree with all of Alex’s personal views, such as his opposition to gun control, but that’s an opinion issue, not an information issue. His claim that gun control is being pursued by the Obama administration is probably accurate; we just have different views on whether that’s good or bad. 
You say that the ‘right’ wants to sink Obama. That is indeed what lots of commentators are saying in the media, and there are ‘right wing voices’ who denounce him as being a socialist or whatever. But in fact the financial and corporate elites, and the media they own, are fully in support of Obama. Are not those people the ‘real right’, the ‘right with power’? If they wanted to sink Obama they never would have pushed him into prominence. We probably never would have heard of him.
One of the points made in the film, and one worth thinking about, is that the debate between ‘right’ and ‘left’, and the alternation of Republican and Democrat victories, has nothing to do with how policy is made. It’s basically theater, to make us think a political process is at work. In public they debate one another, at Bilderberger meetings they’re buddies. The Republicans in Congress enable Obama to back down on his more liberal promises, so we end up the agenda that was prepared beforehand, by the likes of Geithner, who wasn’t elected, and represents only the interests of financial elites.
From: “M.A. Omas Schaefer”
Date: March 14, 2009 3:36:39 AM GMT
To: “Richard Moore” <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: The Obama Deception

You wrote:
  “…and some non-PC views expressed, but the film transcends those drawbacks.”
 I’m interested in knowing if you’ve published a list of your “non-PC views” so that we will know what is on the Richard Moore non-approved list. … Although I’m no history expert, it is my understanding that PC was a technique used by Stalin with great effectiveness. It is one of the greatest tools of tyranny ever developed.

Hi Omas,
Be serious my friend, we all know what PC is. It’s about recycling, buying a hybrid, voting for Obama, and perhaps vegetarianism. I’m not into it myself, but I wanted to warn those who are that they wouldn’t agree with some of the views expressed in the film. They are the ones, after all, who have the most to gain from the film.

From: anita sands <•••@••.•••>
Date: March 14, 2009 3:47:40 AM GMT



CHAUNCEY THE RETARD GARDENER says “Throw fertilizer on a dying tree? Give the rotten corrupt banks more money? That doesn’t make sense. When a big tree gets too old, its roots will sour, they can’t handle the leafy green payout at the ends of the branches so the top starts dying. Little crooked branches out at the end are starved for juice and begin to steal nutrients from the air but they’re not built for that so they wither. Then the branches dry up, like bank branches. Then, the whole thing starts rotting back to the trunk. Trees aren’t meant to just be trunks. They’re meant to have branches and twigs and flowers and fruits. At that pint, the whole process stops and the tree will fall over, taking other living, vital trees with it. You have to cut that tree down fast.

I know it’s hard but God no longer means for that tree to be there. If you pour fertilizer on a tree that’s grown old that way, branches dead, twigs all crooked and dried up, you really the bottom faster ensuring this massive structure falls across half the forest, killing all the precious overgrowth in the orchard. The thing you gotta do is cut the tree down, take the roots out of the ground, evacuate the hole and pour some cleanser in there like lime or potash and if you don’t purify the area, you can never grow anything in that spot.

Only when it’s gone can you fill up the hole, well like the cavity in a tooth, with fresh, new soil. THEN  you can plant a fresh sapling. You will have vigorous growth, branches, fruits and flowers soon enough. But you definitely want to avoid getting one smidge of the old rotten bank, errrr tree… not one SPORE of that rot near the new sapling. Or the same thing will happen all over again. SIGNEDCHAUNCEY GARDINER.