Now online: The Obama Deception


Richard Moore


This a very good documentary. 

It is an Alex Jones production, and as you would expect there are some of those annoying bullhorn scenes, and some non-PC views expressed, but the film transcends those drawbacks. It presents its evidence clearly, using lots of mainstream footage, and citing articles from mainstream print media. It weaves in interviews with some very knowledgeable people, such as Webster Tarpley and Daniel Estulin. Tarpley was in MI5, and Estulin is the fellow who wrote The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, based on informants he has managed to tap who attended the gatherings. 

If we compare this film to what Michael Moore has done, or with Zeitgeist or The Money Masters, I’d say Jones has produced the best of the genre, the most relevant to our current circumstances. I’d be very interested in your reactions, whether they be favorable or unfavorable.


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