newslog 11 March


Richard Moore

Obama’s agendas

Obama & education: privatization + federalization + dumbing-down
..That’s not the worst part of standardized exams. They are a ‘dumbing down’  tool, greatly lowering the standard of education. That’s been the experience  in the UK. Instead of a teaching-learning environment, you get an environment  where kids are drilling specifically to get good marks on the standardized  tests.
Media Blackout on Single-Payer Healthcare
..Actually, Obama did express support for single-payer healthcare. The way he backed down, and the ease with which he backed down, are very informative. For Obama, the health of the private insurance industry (and banking industry) is  the only kind of health he really cares about.

High-Speed Rail Drives Obama’s Transportation Agenda
Interestingly, this article does not talk about who is to build the high-speed system, who will own it, or who will operate it. We hear only about limited  Federal funding, and about possible routes. We do get this clue: …”Beyond  Amtrak” makes it pretty clear we’re talking about a privatized… 

Obama & food safety: shudder
Obama & science: more bad news
As with Obama’s other initiatives, the rhetoric is initially appealing…



Derivatives: $700 trillion elephant in room

Mike Adams: Economic Destruction – Step One of A Global Banking Power Grab

Economy: Forces beyond our control? Or the biggest Sting ever?

Robert Weissman: Financial Meltdown, a 12-step program

Wendell Berry: 17 Rules For A Sustainable Economy

Karl Denninger: It’s all over, Baby Blue
What’s Dead (Short Answer: All Of It) Just so you have a short list of what’s at stake if Washington DC doesn’t change policy here and now 
Daniel P. Wirt: the case for single-payer health care
Here we have a very good article, making a strong case for why a single-payer  system is far superior to Obama’s approach, which is to maintain a privateinsurance based system. The article goes too far however, when it says
Who got AIG’s bailout billions?

Economic crisis: Canadians speak out

Martial law and false flag incidents

9/11 breakthrough – article in refereed journal

Environmental anomalies at the World Trade  Center: evidence for energetic materials by Kevin R. Ryan, James R. Gourley,  and Steven E. 

Fwd: physicist Steven Jones on “Fair and Balanced” Tuesday 3/10/09

‘Real IRA was behind army attack’
Based on what I’ve learned about the Omagh bombing, I suspect that the ‘Real  IRA’ is a front for British Intelligence. …
Mexico: testing ground for US martial law?

David Icke: Please Don’t Riot… It’s Just What They Want
I don’t usually pay much attention to David Icke. He talks about angels and  shape-shifters and who knows what, and he focuses heavily on Zionism as the  great evil. Nonetheless, lots of his analysis seems spot on and he has, at  least sometimes, important things to say. So use your own judgement, proceed  at your own peril…

Misc. news

Darrel Dochow: Treasury scapegoat

Propaganda is so predictable. Here we see some minor functionary being ‘exposed’, while his bosses, the culpable ones, are now running the nation’s 
economic policy 

Thomas L. Friedman: what’s he up to now?
Mr. Friedman is the premiere OpEd journalist for the NY Times, a champion of  ‘free trade’ and globalization, an enemy of national sovereignty, a promoter  of the invasion of Iraq, and was White House correspondent during the Bush era.
Liaquat Ahamed: “Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World”
Very interesting stuff here, as regards the causes of the Great Depression, and the attempts to confuse us about those causes. 

Liaquat Ahamed: Subprime Europe
He’s knowledgeable about economics, a very effective propagandist, and a NY Times OpEd writer — much like Thomas 
N Korea: typical propaganda headline
..So the real situation is that N Korea is sending up a satellite, which it  has every right to do, and US & Japan hinted, with no justification, that they might shoot it down. The headline should have read, “US & Japan threaten Korea “, not the other way around.

Supreme Court: no immunity for Big Pharma
Surprise Supreme Court Decision Ends Big Pharma’s Pre-Emption Bid for 
Legal Immunity 
What does one TRILLION dollars look like?

Trillions for the banks, soup lines for the people
Michael Skinner: Multi-billion Dollar Mining Boom in Afghanistan
Global Research, February 27, 2009