newslog 15 March


Richard Moore


Jim Hogue: “Secession? We’re already on our own”

Guadeloupe: General strike brings people’s victory

Bolivia: Morales redistributes land to poor

Financial Meltdown: The Doublespeak of a Discredited IMF

Michael Hudson: The Language of Looting

Carlton Meyer: Clean Energy Mythology

Robert Weissman re/collapse: We Told You So

Riots: Citizens of the US… Brace for IMPACT!

Ron Paul on foreign wars

Jack Rasmus: Obama’s Economic Recovery Plan

Black Agenda Report: Don’t take Obama’s kool-aid

Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11 (video)
Italian directors Franco Farcassi and Francesco Trento 

Exposing Corporate-financed Holocaust in Africa

Patrick Grimm: US education designed to fail

Obama’s popularity dropping rapidly


Obama’s agendas

Obama & education: privatization + federalization + dumbing-down

Obama & Afghanistan: not making sense

Obama and torture: no change from Bush

Obama Deception – the mask comes off March 15

Obama’s budget hypocrisy

Ghali Hassan: Obama’s Manufactured Troop Withdrawal

Geithner seeks to saddle planet with debt

Guantanamo: Obama continues Bush policies

Obama at Business Roundtable: true colors shown

Patricia Stewart: Obama’s attack on agriculture

Linn Cohen-Cole: Monsanto’s dream bill, HR 875

Marti Oakley: Monsanto’s assault on agriculture

GM and non-GM crops cannot coexist


Misc. news

US Intelligence: Iran has no weapons-grade fuel

1 in 50 Children in US is Homeless

Unemployment: even worse than expected

JH Kunstler: Consumer Economy Isn’t Coming Back

Dr. Boris Worm: Marine Ecosystems Severely Threatened

Ireland: sectarian violence or preparation for martial law?

FBI ‘watch list’ now at 1 million entries

Naval incidents highlight tense US-China relations

Bird flu virus intentionally sent to 18 countries

France surrenders sovereignty to NATO

Mike Adams: Shootings in Germany, Alabama & Psychiatric Medications

New book on domestic violence

Seymour Hersh: “Executive Assassination Ring”

US seeks Iran support for Afghan supply

Scare tactics re/Pakistan, ‘terrorist’ attacks

VENEZUELA: Propaganda from Human Rights Watch

Swiss bank accounts no longer secret

Stephen Lendman: latest on North American Union