Greg Maybury: Rockefeller and the medicl profession

Greg Maybury is a freelance writer based in Australia. His main areas of interest are American history and politics in general, with a special focus on economic, financial, national security, military, and geopolitical affairs. For 8 years he has regularly contributed to a diverse range of alternative, independent media (AIM), news and opinion sites, including Op Ed News, The Greanville Post, Consortium News, Information Clearing House (ICH), Dandelion Salad, Global Research, Dissident Voice, OffGuardian, and others. He now writes on Substack at

From my article on the multipolar order, discussion emerged around David Rockefeller’s secret cabal’, and the extent of that cabal’s power, and the nature of its intentions. Greg Maybury is particularly concerned by the role the Rockefeller dynasty has played in perverting the practice of medicine. He reports here on his research and what he has learned.

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Greg is an active contributor, both as a writer and as a redistributor. He publishes his work on his substack blog, and he reposted my article there. He selectively reposts his own work and the work of others on Phacebook, GETTR, VK (Russia’s more open version of Facebook), and Telegram.

He offers us a list of recommended sources (nodes): “Corbett Report,Unlimited HangoutLast American Vagabond for starters. Also Maria Zee at ZeeeMedia is excellent”. To this list I must add The Duran, my own go-to source for keeping up on developments related to Ukraine, the media, and geopolitics.

Greg joined the cyberjournal community back in 2015, and we’ve been in frequent communication ever since. A couple of years ago, just before the covid lockdowns began, we were together for a week at a truth-seeker workshop, hosted by our friend Jim Macgregor, co-author of Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War. We spent many a late hour ‘solving the world’s problems’. Let us turn now to Greg’s own words…


🙏 for this. Re: the references to the Rockefeller “cabal”, coincidentally I’m reading as we speak Emanuel Josephson’s remarkable expose from 1964 (➡️ The Truth about Rockefeller, “Public Enemy No. 1” — Studies In Criminal Psychopathy). What an eye opener this book is. Along with Eustace Mullins’ work on same a few years later (➡️ Murder by Injection, The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America, 1987) and that of Iván Illich (➡️ Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health, 1976), this has prompted me to undertake a project delving into the Hidden History of Modern Medicine, which of course has the Rockefeller ‘prints all over it.

Though given their broader influence across space and time in just about every facet of the globalist agenda, hardly confined to it, my interest in looking deeper into the Rockefeller dynasty derives from its singular influence back in the early part of the twentieth century in establishing (usurping) total control over the medical and scientific establishment. This includes its involvement in the education of medical professionals, medical/scientific research, the development of modern pharmacology, and the practice of medicine. This interest was itself triggered by my own in-depth two part article I wrote a few months back on the Covid thing and the medical establishment’s role in and response to the pandemic. (The links ICYMI to this article are included below FYI, a version of which David Jones published in New Dawn I’m pleased to say.)

📃 Article: Whistling Past the Graveyard (Part One) — The Crimes & Betrayals of the Medical Establishment, by Greg Maybury.
📃 Article: Whistling Past the Graveyard Part Two: The High Priests of Public Health & Modern Medicine, by Greg Maybury.