news roundup 3 March


Richard Moore

Positive ideas and developments

Carol Brouillet: Report from the American Citizens’ Summit

Foster Gamble: two inspiring videos

George F. Smith: The Case for Natural Money

RALPH NADER: How Credit Unions Survived the Crash

France: more sensible approach to bailouts

Jon Ronnquist: Economic Freefall — A Blessing in Disguise

Common sense re/health care

Midas Resources: precious metal investments


Analysis of economic developments
** Chossudovsky: America’s Fiscal Collapse **
Paul Craig Roberts : How the U.S. Economy was lost

On Economy, Two United Voices Steer Obama Agenda
Obama unveils his $3.6tn budget
Obama: Expanded Rescue Of Banks Outlined 
Finally a Progressive Budget? 
George Celente: No, Obama, we won’t recover
Misc. news

Hillary’s fraudulent “peace process”
Barry Grey : Obama’s escalation in Pakistan
Gates: Iran “Not Close” to Nuclear Weapon
5 Great Progressive Moves by Obama
The collapse trickles down

Economy Shrinks At Staggering Rate
Eastern Europe: crisis deepens
Tom Engelhardt: Droughts & crop failure worldwide
California: small farms being destroyed
The enslavement of the American farmer
Millions of Americans losing health insurance
America’s Municipal Meltdowns
MISCHA GAUS : The Banks’ War on Workers
Clement Daly : Chicago downgrading its school system

Civil unrest on the rise

Michael T. Klare: on the brink of civil unrest
     Will Economic Brushfires Prove Too  Virulent to Contain?
Fascism on the rise in Italy
UK prepares for summer riots
Ukraine Teeters as Citizens Blame Banks and Government
Investigating the New World Order
Carroll Quigley: quotes re/new world order
  The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim,  nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private  hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole…

The Bankers Manifesto
Derek Wilson: The Secret Government
CNBC Anchors Mortified That Ron Paul Was Allowed Air Time
UK: Big Brother drone spy planes
     Big Brother spy planes that track the Taliban may soon hover over your home By FIONA MACRAE 
NAIS: every animal to be tagged and tracked

Subterrenes: Nuclear powered tunnelling machines
Chemtrails: a bizarre O2 advert 
Chemtrails: in children’s cartoons