The depopulation agenda: drought, HAARP, and chemtrails


Richard Moore

     Nobody Knows How Dry We Are
     by Tom Engelhardt
Australia, by the way, is a wheat-growing breadbasket for the world and its wheat crops have been hurt in recent years by continued drought. … Meanwhile, central China is experiencing the worst drought in half a century. 

Engelhardt’s article surveys the worldwide phenomenon of droughts and crop failures, blamed of course on global warming. There’s an elephant in this room that most people seem to be ignoring: HAARP. Among its other capabilities, it can control weather:
HAARP. The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: “Owning the Weather” for Military Use
by Michel Chossudovsky

Everywhere I go, apart from my visit to Ecuador, I see chemtrails. Last week we had them on several different days here in Ireland (photo below from my office window). Crisscross patterns across the sky that spread out, nothing at all like jet plane exhaust . For the most part we hear nothing about them in the media or by officials, which of course puts them automatically in the category of ‘conspiracy theories’. But they’re there, and you’ve probably seen them yourself.
There was one report last year, from a German Air Force fellow, who said yes, we are laying down chemtrails, and the reason is to reduce global warming. That may be what they told the pilots, but it makes no sense. If that were the reason, governments would be bragging about it publicly. What chemtrails do for sure is ionize the atmosphere so that HAARP can be more effective. 
First we get the Gore film, then we get a manufactured consensus of scientists around global warming, then we get global weather disasters as ‘proof’, then we get biofuels as a solution. Crop failures plus biofuels equals global genocide by starvation. The perfect crime, right under our noses — like the bailouts, and the same people behind both. Just as developers bulldoze a site before starting construction, so the world is being bulldozed in preparation for the new world order.