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Richard Moore

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About two weeks ago, you may recall, Andrea Lea sent in a message, “We’ve missed your updates”, and I expressed some doubt about ‘what I should be doing’ these days. You folks sent in some very intriguing ideas and supportive comments, which lifted my energy a bit, and the ideas do have potential.
I approached the Prognosis article with a sense of wanting to ‘clear the decks’, to make sure I’ve said everything I have to say, in terms of the state of the world. I figured this was necessary if I was going to be open to new possibilities.
That attitude, of ‘clearing the decks’, turns out to be beneficial. It forces me to make everything concise, so I can cover everything, and not take forever doing it. So now I’ve ended up with a preliminary project, before I can consider a new project. That is the new book, to ‘clear the decks’ more generally… Spring beginning, and a book to put together, seems quite fitting. 
The Prognosis and solutions postings were draft material for the new book, and our dialog about that will be very helpful to me, in refining the material. There have been too many responses to post them all, and in some cases I’ve excerpted.
best wishes,
From: “Madeline Bruce” 
Date: 22 February 2010 02:54:12 GMT
Subject: Re: “We’ve missed your updates”

How about listening to each other?  Now there’s a novel concept.  When I listen to what passes for dialogue now, among the American people, in little snips on television (that’s all I can handle)… I’m out to get mine and screw everybody else…..  To hell with “socialism”…..   I am struck by the ignorance and the meanness of it.  Ignorance flying through the air about Canada’s Medicare System, when all they would have to do is talk to a Canadian, which they don’t do.  This is the Zeitgeist of our time. Disconnection.  Meannness. I believe that if we connected, new forms would develop out of that.  Probably people don’t even fully realize their own gifts, what they might contribute.  I think it is a mistake to “talk” to each other about solutions, because we are strangers who do not know each other, and do not trust each other, and do not value each other.  I think it is more difficult for people to connect now, than it is to find solutions, even.   – Madeline Bruce, Nanaimo, B. C.   

Hi Madeline,
You are so right! Disconnect, not coming together, not knowing our neighbors, not really listening. These are all so disempowering. In the various pieces I offered as part of a ‘solution’, such as relocalization and local currencies, the obstacle to success is always the same: not connecting with enough people to make the enterprise really viable.
Any effective solution will need some kind of attraction / incentive sufficient to push people through their initial resistance to connecting and getting involved with a collective undertaking. No solution amounts to anything until there are people pursuing it together. 

From: Ray Songtree 
Date: 26 February 2010 09:13:11 GMT
Subject: Re: Prognosis 2012

  we are all in the humble position of making decisions with insufficient information.  the universe is simply too big to understand.  And that is why the controllers will fail.  Lies are not sustainable. they forgot that people like Jesus and Buddha actually existed, and they forgot that they still exist.
ET has already intervened. Study it. But what will blow open the whole scarcity/control game will be open contact and new technologies. 

Hi Ray,
If there are benevolent beings who are going to save us, then we have nothing to worry about. I’ll keep an open mind as to whether or not there might have been alien contact, or intervention, but I’ve seen no reliable guarantee that we can count on being saved in that way. Until I’m convinced such a guarantee exists, I want to focus on what we can do ourselves.
I’d prefer ‘being saved’ to the prognosis, but I’d prefer us saving ourselves to either. I see that accomplishment as an important rite of passage for our species.

From: Mark Batten-Carew
Date: 26 February 2010 17:17:23 GMT
Subject: Re: Prognosis 2012

Hi Richard,
As you know, I am a long-time subscriber to your various email lists, and I consider this is the most significant article I’ve ever received from you.  You’ve taken all the random jigsaw puzzle pieces and succinctly shown how they will fall into place.  In preparing to send this on to my email list, I wanted to pull out a few quotes to encourage people to read the full article, but I found I wanted to quote every second paragraph or more.
The one thing your article didn’t do was provide hope…. 

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the feedback. Many people had a similar response, which is what encouraged me to pull together my thinking on solutions, and to go on and do more with the material.
Here are some other responses:
Viviane Lerner:
Wow, Richard, this is truly BRILLIANT!
Bravo! So many crossover points, so many bridges between aspects that only make sense when we stand on the “convergence point” that sustains the whole NWO architecture….
Although I see the overall panorama in precisely that way, I have my doubts as to their success in redesigning so radically what it means to be human, but maybe it’s mostly wishful thinking, I don’t know. 
Peter, Webwiz:
Starts and ends a little suddenly, but a stunningly clear and elloquent piece of writing with large potential.  Couldnt put it down.

Peter Meyer:
A brilliant article even by your usual standards.
It’s now to be seen at

William Engdahl:
Thank you for sharing an extremely valuable synthesis of past present and possible (probable) future with me.
  Much food for thought and much I have already concluded as you know.
 PS would you be interested in a review copy of my newest book, The Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century? [review will be coming. i already know the book will be great. -rkm]
  Let me know. It will be on amazon in a couple of weeks and I could pdf it now.

Jeff Prager,
The best piece of journalism I’ve read in years.

Henk Smallenburg:
Dear Mr. Moore,
  I would like to thank you very much for your article
on the site of Global Research:
  “Prognosis 2012: Towards a New World Social Order”
 It was a real eye-opener!
   With kindest regards,
   Henk Smallenburg   Amsterdam

Norman Livergood:
Hearty commendations on your exceptionally inciteful and intelligent world analysis: Prognosis 2012!

From: “Howard Switzer”
Date: 26 February 2010 21:15:48 GMT
To: “Richard Moore” <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Prognosis 2012

Wow, Richard, you’ve articulated the vision of collapse in a way many of us suspect it to be but haven’t been able to articulate that dark picture as well. 
  If there were many communities who began talking to one another that took over control of their local economies networked broadly with others doing the same would we be able to precipitate a revolt of the guards and bring the elite social managers down?   It seems unlikely in that people have demonstrated time and again, as Obamamania showed, that they don’t want control,  they want to be taken care of.

Hi Howard,

The problem is that they have no experience with ‘having control’. Having control, in terms of society, must be a collective activity. People have forgotten what it means to act collectively. All the community threads have been unraveled, by economics, migrations, television, the automobile, divisiveness, manufactured cultural fads, and even the Internet, where we find our communities online. 

What can give people an incentive to turn their focus locally, to their own community? I can’t even answer that question for myself personally. I spend most of my time in my office, and ‘visit’ the town once in a while to get groceries or go to a music session. I’ve made attempts at getting involved in the community, and I’ve even organized dialog circles, but nothing’s come of it. People basically can’t be bothered — they’re getting on with their lives.


From: y prysgodyn 
Date: 28 February 2010 11:50:42 GMT
Subject: prognosis 2012

Interesting article.
Also consider: 
here in the UK the State has been conditioning people to become the State’s eyes and ears through television and poster campaigns encouraging all to inform on neighbours who fraudulently claim benefits, have no car tax etc.They are now even using television ads to demonise anglers who don’t have a fishing rod licence!
All this is turning society into individuals, into operatives for the State, to spy and inform on their neighbours, to undermine unity and community spirit – easily done with all the media coverage of social decline, the rise of crime and the ‘terrorist threat.’
  I wish you all the best.
  from Wales

Hi y,
Besides being Orwellian, this business of focusing on those ‘cheating the state’ is a way to ‘blame the victim’ — we ourselves are the problem. It fits in with carbon-footprint guilt. Don’t think about the man behind the curtain — blame your neighbor and yourself.

From: jackson davis 
Date: 27 February 2010 06:53:32 GMT
To: Richard Moore <•••@••.•••>
Subject: Re: Prognosis 2012

Dear Richard,
Excellent writing. Well thought out. Paragraphs short and to the point.
Richard, this would make an excellent pamphlet that you could make available as a download. All it needs an introductory paragraph or two and a ‘what we can do, if anything’ at the end. Perhaps a short reading list also? (Heh, heh!) I’d be glad to work with you on it as we did on ETM before.
Attached is my downloaded copy, with typos and two cases of unfamiliar abbreviations that need explaining indicated in red. Otherwise it’s in very good shape.

Hi Jackson,
Thanks for this message, which inspired me to start thinking about a new book. Of course any assistance you can offer will be most appreciated. I’ve got your edits and will be updating the blog.